Commercial Landscape Construction in Corona

Sorrells Landscape provides a full range of landscape construction services for commercial properties. Our local landscapers have the skill and experience to tackle any project—no matter the size. From simple patio installations to ornate paver designs, we can do it all! We’re proud to have served hotels, schools, recreational facilities and even HOA’s (Homeowners Associations). Learn more about our services or contact our experts today!

Softscape Construction

Generally, all living elements of your garden count as part of your softscape; including trees, shrubs, flowers, decorative grasses, and turf. Sorrells Landscape’s landscape contractors provide sustainable softscape installation. Welcome your customers to your property with vibrant greenery.

The process of building a softscape includes more than just planting a few perennials. Our landscape contractors begin with an on-site consultation and an assessment of your property. It’s important that we learn about your property’s soil conditions and water management systems. This information will help us develop a plan that protects your grounds from soil erosion and other damages.

When it’s time for softscape installation, we perform surface sculpting and grading to prepare your soil for planting. We’ll also put drainage solutions in place to reduce runoffs and make the most of Corona’s rainfalls. When it comes to planting, we take into consideration the importance of plant size (large to small) to better protect your plant life. If we lay sod first, we’d end up digging parts of it up to plant trees and shrubs. By following a logical planting process, we help your landscape thrive.

Hardscape Construction

Hardscapes are the inorganic elements of your landscape. Driveways, walkways, patios, retaining walls, fire pits, and patios are all part of your hardscape. These features are usually functional, offering guests a place to sit or walk as they admire your softscape. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful on their own. Interlocking pavers can add texture and elegance to your space and a sophisticated pergola can be evidence of exceptional craftsmanship.

Sorrells Landscape’s local landscapers believe the best way to improve the value of your commercial property is to build a landscape that’s beautiful, sustainable, and functional. With reliable machinery and the skills to use them, we work efficiently so that you can make the most of your space as soon as possible. Here are some of the many hardscape services we provide:

  • Retaining wall construction to define your property and increase usable space
  • Paver walkways to add interest to your lawn and gardens
  • Driveways and parking lots that set your landscape apart
  • Accessibility solutions that put your clients first
  • Beautiful patios for entertaining and networking
  • Stamped or stained decorative concrete for low-maintenance surfacing
  • Water fountains and other water features
  • Outdoor kitchens to bring your restaurant under the stars
  • Fire pits to keep your clients comfortable on your space
  • …and much more!

Ready to Build a Better Landscape?

Contact Corona’s local landscapers. Our friendly staff is excited to tell you more about how we can provide you with impressive and cost-effective landscaping services. No matter your business, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the results!