Commercial Water Features in Corona

If you want your Corona business to make a splash, consider adding a commercial water feature. Outdoor wall fountains elevate the entrance to your corporate headquarters, and garden fountains add serenity to restaurants and hotels. Whether you want to make a lasting impression or create a rejuvenating experience, a water feature is sure to help. They’re the perfect additions to retail centers, residential development or any other business!

At Sorrells Landscape, we work closely with business owners to develop unique water features that make a statement. Turn your commercial property into a dream getaway with a soothing reflective pond. Or set your property apart with animated fountains. We pride ourselves on our ability to integrate our affordable water features into your landscape. The results will be a water feature you can’t imagine your property without.

The Benefits of Commercial Water Features

There are many ways business owners can benefit from outdoor water features:

  • Outdoor water features improve the value of your property
  • Water features enhance your brand’s image and set you apart from other companies
  • Dynamic water features impress customers
  • Soothing water features keep employees happy
  • Garden fountains help create a relaxing outdoor space
  • The sounds of flowing water reduce noise pollution from the street
  • Custom water features give your landscaping a coherent visual impact
  • Outdoor wall fountains require little to no maintenance

Sustainable Outdoor Water Features

All over Corona companies have started to choose sustainable landscaping solutions. Sorrells Landscape is proud to be a leader among green initiatives. We’re committed to preserving the beauty of Mother Nature with our water features. Here are some of our eco-friendly solutions for a greener tomorrow:

Rainwater Harvesting Water Features

Adding a vibrant water feature to your commercial property doesn’t mean draining Corona’s water supply. Far from it. We’ve developed innovative, self-sustaining rainwater harvesting water features. Manage rainwater runoffs on your property while benefiting from the exceptional beauty of a waterfall. Not only will you enjoy the striking visual effects of the water feature, you’ll also improve runoff management on your property. It’s a win for everybody.

Solar Powered Features and Fountains

Harness the renewable energy of the sun to power your regal wall and garden fountains. Using solar energy panels for your water features is a sustainable way to add flair to your property. You can opt to add a backup battery to make sure your fountains can run even if Corona experiences a cloudy spell.

Water Feature Design and Installation in Corona

Installing a water feature on your commercial property is an investment that’s sure to pay off. Dynamic fountains and elegant water features add to your brand image. They also promote client engagement and make for happier employees.

Sorrells Landscape’s experts are proud to develop beautiful, functional, and affordable custom water features. Enjoy the aesthetic and financial benefits of a water feature on your property. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with the results. Contact our specialists to schedule your free design consultation today!