Landscape Architecture in Corona

Combining form with function is the key to successful landscape architecture. A beautiful outdoor space adds curb appeal and welcomes clients to your business. Walkways, water features and patio seating all bring visual interest to your space. But they're also practical for employees and customers. Sorrells Landscape is proud to work with Corona businesses to create landscapes that are attractive and useful.

Our landscape design process begins with a free consultation. During this time, we discuss how you want your customers to interact with your property. Do you need a terrace for networking? An area for your employees to take their breaks? A space for guests to reconnect with nature? We also ask about your company’s values and the budget for the project. We’re committed to providing cost-effective landscape designs that increase property value. Hiring a landscape architect is a great way to guarantee your investment.

If you’re not sure if you should hire a landscape architect, consider how we can help your business.

Landscape Architecture That Attracts Customers

The number one reason Corona businesses hire our landscape architects is to get a more attractive property. Close your eyes and envision your dream patio. Think of your favorite landscaping plants. Imagine using your space to its fullest. This is what we do—we bring your vision to life.

Landscape Design That Showcases Your Brand

When it comes to running a successful business, branding is everything. But branding doesn't just mean having a social media presence. Your commercial landscape is a vital part of your brand. It's the first thing potential customers see when they approach your business.

Landscape architects can help your commercial exterior convey your brand's message. Foreground sustainability with lush plant life. Turn your space into a relaxing retreat with ponds and waterfalls. Or add your corporate logo to a wall fountain for your business headquarters. From soothing to cutting-edge, you can tell your company's story through landscape design.

Landscape Architecture to Define Space and Direct Traffic

Landscape architects understand the human mind. We’ll help you make the most of your property by designing for your needs. If you want customers to spend a lot of time on your property, we’ll add outdoor seating, shaded areas, and a soothing atmosphere. Patios, pergolas and fire pits provide a comforting place for customers to relax and enjoy the good vibes. If you prefer people to move inside, we can do that too! Pathways lined with flowers and shrubbery will carry your customers into your building. This is what we mean by form meeting function.

Landscape Design for Sustainability

As Corona continues to grow green, business owners start thinking about sustainable landscape designs. Sorrells Landscape's landscape architects design properties with resource management in mind. Making strategic use of shade keeps your building cool in the summer. Collecting rainwater can keep your plants healthy without consuming resources; we make eco-friendly landscape design simple.

If you’re looking to improve your landscape design and make the most of your outdoor space, consider Sorrells Landscape’s landscape architects. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.