Patio Construction in Corona

Before you choose a patio company in Corona, it’s important to decide on the right materials for your patio. That’s because you want an expert patio contractor who is familiar with the style you want. Sorrells Landscape installs the following durable patios:

Natural Stone Patios

Nothing beats the upscale look of natural stone. Natural stone adds sophistication to any commercial exterior and compliments gardens and fountains. If you’re looking for a striking design that’s sure to impress your clients, natural stone is the way to go. Each stone is unique, bringing character and charm to your property.

Stone can withstand weather changes with ease. You’re less likely to notice cracks or chips with stone patios than with other materials. Add elegance and value to your property with natural stone.

Concrete Patios

Concrete is a popular choice when it comes to patio construction. As a paving material, concrete can withstand immense amounts of pressure. This makes it ideal for commercial properties that see a lot of foot and machine traffic. Since the installation process is simple, concrete patio costs are much lower than natural stone or paver patio costs. Our concrete patio contractors mix the concrete to exact specifications and carefully pour it for a seamless finish.

In terms of design flexibility, concrete offers a near infinite range of options. Decorative concrete allows your patio to take on the look of other materials. By stamping fresh concrete with our precision molds, our patio contractors add texture and style to your exterior space. We can also stain your patio to provide a finish that’s guaranteed to stand out.

Paver Patios

Pavers are a great way to add aesthetic appeal to your commercial patio. Paver stones can compliment your existing landscape for a coherent design. Their classic look never goes out of style. Pair them with a beautiful pergola and you’ve got yourself an outdoor space your customers will never want to leave!

Pavers are also one of the easiest materials to repair. Although they’re resilient, it’s always good to be prepared for the unexpected. If heavy use or Corona’s weather happens to damage a paver, all you have to do is remove that single stone. Replace it with a new one and voila, paver problem solved! Meanwhile, a concrete patio might need a complete resurfacing!

One thing to keep in mind is that paver patio costs are the highest out of these three options. That’s because installation takes a lot more time and considerable attention to detail. Patio contractors need to place each paver one at a time to make sure your patio looks great. Pavers also need to be cleaned seasonally to prevent debris from ruining the look of your patio. Consider sealing them every couple of years to protect them from discoloration and to get the most out of your patio pavers.

Why Choose Sorrells Landscape for Your Patio Construction?

We provide cost-effective patio installation for companies in Corona. No matter the material you choose, we’re confident you’ll find our pricing competitive. Contact us today for a free estimate!