Sod Installation in Corona

There are many reasons a commercial business owner might consider sod installation. Some lawns can’t be rescued, no matter how much you water them. Insect damage, weeds or poor maintenance can ruin a lawn beyond repair. If you’re building a new property on a lot that hasn’t been landscaped, you might want to consider laying sod. Sod is an efficient and effective way to get a manicured lawn. With years of lawn installations under our belts, we’re Corona’s trusted sodding specialists.

Why Choose Sod Installation Instead of Grass Seed?

Although sod prices are higher than those of grass seed, sod installation has unbeatable advantages. Planting grass seed can only be done at specific times of the year. If you miss the first window at the beginning of summer, you’ll have to wait until the fall. When you do finally plant grass, seeds can be removed by winds, rain and animals. This means your lawn might not look as good than before you started planting.

Sod installation companies, like Sorrells Landscape, guarantee full coverage right away. By using matured grass rolls, you get a thriving lawn with minimal maintenance. This means less weeding and less erosions. Sod installation is also great for high-traffic areas. Foot traffic displaces grass seed and crushes budding blades of grass; however, since lawn sod is already mature, it can handle light foot traffic almost immediately. Of course, it’s always best if your customers and employees stick to the walkways for a week or two. Healthy sod is also more resistant to insects and weeds than grass seed.

How Much Does a Sod Installation Cost?

Sod installation costs are determined by materials and labor. Get a free estimate from Sorrells Landscape, with a comprehensive list of charges. Sod prices depend on the type of sod and how much you need for your commercial landscape. The more sod you buy, the cheaper it is per square foot; therefore, it’s a great idea to hire a professional sod installation company. We've cultivated strong relationships with sod farmers that allow us to provide you with competitive sod prices.

Because we have the latest in sod installation technologies, you will also save on material costs. Don't worry about buying soil testing kits, rototillers or fertilizer. Our expert landscapers can adapt to unforeseen problems—that can delay DIY installations—to save you time and money.

Why Hire a Professional Sod Installation Company?

While it’s possible to perform your own lawn installation, doing so is time consuming. If it’s your first-time installing sod, it can be difficult to align the grass rolls while hiding any seems. Your best bet is to hire a professional with years of grass installation experience.

Sorrells Landscape’s landscapers have installed sod for commercial buildings all over Corona. No matter the size and scope of the project, we provide efficient sod installation and thorough maintenance services. You can focus on your business and rest easy knowing your lawn will be green and vibrant in no time.