Tree Removal in Corona

If you need tree removal services for your Corona property, you want a worry-free solution. That means hiring a professional tree removal company that offers safe and affordable services. Here’s why:

Arborists Know What Questions to Ask

Sorrells Landscape employs skilled professionals who understand the tree removal process. We know the right questions to ask to provide you with an accurate assessment and estimate. Here are some of the questions our arborists will ask when you reach out:

  • How large is the tree you want to remove? Larger trees will require specialized equipment, such as cranes. Larger trees usually have the greatest removal costs.
  • Where on your property is the tree located? We'll need to consider how to get our equipment near your tree. If it's deep in your property, we might have to spend extra time carrying the branches to our trucks.
  • Is the tree near a power line, parking lot or building? We prioritize safety, no matter the size of the tree removal project. Eliminating the risk of property damage is important to us.
  • Is the tree healthy, diseased or dead? If your tree is partially rotten, it can fall in unpredictable ways. We need to inspect the state of your tree before we can decide the best way to remove it.
  • Do you also want to remove the stump? Most people opt to remove the stump, since it can ruin the look of your property. Even if you plan to keep the tree stump, we'll still have a look at what's below ground. It's important to know where the roots are to make sure there’s no damage to your building’s foundation.

Arborists Have the Best Equipment

We use state-of-the-art commercial-grade equipment and ropes to handle any tree removal project. From massive oaks to sturdy pines, there's no tree our powerful equipment can't remove. When you have many trees to remove in your area, we can do so with maximum efficiency. We’ll also clear and clean the area when we’re done working and dispose of healthy wood sustainably.

Arborists Put Safety First for Any Tree and Stump Removal Project

There are many hazards when it comes to tree removal. Falling branches and trunks can cause injuries or death. And that's not even mentioning the tumbling of the tree itself. Climbing and felling trees should only be undertaken by professionals who carry insurance. If anything goes wrong, you don't want your company to be liable.

The risks of DIY tree removal vastly outnumber the benefits. When it comes to health and safety, don't cut corners. If Sorrells Landscape is not the right company for you, we prefer you choose one of our competitors before trying to take down your tree yourself.

Arborists Provide Quality Tree Service

To prevent tree disease and damages from occurring in the first place, invest in quality tree care. Sorrells Landscape offers routine tree cutting services to keep them looking healthy and manicured on your Corona property.