Commercial Landscape Construction in Orange County

Are you looking to make a lasting impression on your customers? Then trust Sorrells Landscape’s local landscape contractors to transform your property. We treat garden architecture and landscape construction as an art. Our landscape construction services are founded on three pillars: beauty, functionality and sustainability. When combined, you will enjoy exceptional landscaping designed to last.

Every business has a unique set of needs and challenges. That's why we develop custom solutions. Our team brings passion and creativity to every project to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

With years of experience and the skill to put it to use, we’re proud to deliver quality service to businesses in Orange County. Breathe new life into your property and boost your business’ value by choosing a reliable local landscaping company.

Beauty: Landscape Construction Guaranteed to Impress

Beautiful design is the cornerstone of successful landscape construction. Colorful perennials, sophisticated paths, and lush lawns all add to your brand image. This increases the overall value of your company. We offer a wide array of stone and paver choices, so you can customize the look of your landscape. Our designers will breathe new life into your space.

Functionality: Landscape Construction That’s Sure to Please

Make the most of your commercial site. Clever use of retaining walls can increase your usable space by turning steep slopes into striking design elements. Paver installation boosts the accessibility of your landscape. Your customers will be sure to notice as they navigate your exterior space with ease.

Outdoor eating areas increase the revenue generating square footage of your restaurant or hotel. A beautiful pergola or a cozy fire pit can increase client retention by making sure they’re comfortable. A Zen garden offers employees a restful retreat from the stresses of their work day. They’ll return from their breaks feeling happier and more productive. Whatever you need your landscape to do for your business, we’re sure we’ll exceed your goals.

Sustainability: A Local Landscaping Company That Makes a Difference

Beautiful and functional design doesn’t mean sacrificing sustainability. Businesses in Orange County are going green to protect the planet. A landscape built from quality materials is a landscape designed to last. You’ll be able to enjoy your property for decades without having to worry about replacement.

Planting trees in key spaces keeps your interior cool and your customers shaded from the sun. Water retention and irrigation systems promote plant health and reduce runoffs. Gardens that use native plants help keep your plants healthy all year-round. Save water and cut utility costs with landscape construction that supports a thriving local ecosystem.

Ready to Find a Landscaper Who Cares?

When it’s time to enhance the look and feel of your commercial landscape, it’s important to find a landscaper you can rely on. Sorrells Landscape takes pride in the relationships we’ve cultivated with our clients. We aim to provide unbeatable customer service for every project. If you want to make the most of your Orange County landscape, contact our experts today!