Lawn Dethatching in Orange County

Green and healthy lawns don’t happen on their own. When you own a commercial property, you’re charged with maintaining your building and its grounds. Mowing and watering your lawn are a great way to start, but you’ll need more thorough maintenance to liven the look of your property. We’re talking about lawn dethatching which is the practice of removing thatch buildup on your lawn.

What Is Thatch and Why Is it Bad?

Don’t get us wrong, thatch isn’t a bad thing. But, like many things, it’s only good in moderation. Thatch is a layer of living and dead grass, stems, leaves and other organic matter that rests between the visible blades of grass and the soil below. A bit of thatch is a good thing, since it helps your soil retain moisture, prevents weed growth, and shields your lawn from frost. But when the layer of thatch grows too thick, it can thwart water and nutrients from making their way to your turf’s roots. Excessive thatch creates an ideal environment for moss growth, insect infestation and lawn disease.

Knowing When Your Yard Needs Dethatching

The simplest way to determine whether your lawn needs grass dethatched is to feel it. If the ground feels spongy to the touch, there’s a good chance there’s too much thatch covering your soil. A thin loose layer isn’t a concern since new shoots can still pass through, but if the thatch is too thick and spongy, it will impede grass growth and will eventually smother healthy shoots.

Since thatches are hard on your lawn, Sorrells Landscape doesn’t recommend dethatching services until they’re necessary. If you’re not sure whether you need dethatching services, reach out to our experts. We’ll come assess your lawn and help you determine when you should invest in lawn dethatching.

The Best Time to Dethatch Your Lawn

In general, the best times to dethatch your lawn are in early spring or late fall. Dethatching is an aggressive lawn care service, so you want your landscaping company to perform it before other treatments. If you over seed or fertilize before dethatching, the blades will remove most of the seeds and fertilizer. That means you’ll have to pay for the services twice. With proper lawn care, you shouldn’t need to dethatch your lawn more than once every two years.

Preventing Thatch Buildup

Investing in year-round lawn care services can limit how often you need to dethatch your lawn. Never cut your grass too short, since doing so can increase thatch buildup. Annual aeration is also a great way to improve the beauty of your lawn and prevent thatch from stifling it.

Protect Your Orange County Lawn with Superior Dethatching Services

Sorrells Landscape is proud to offer quality lawn dethatching services that put your needs first. We treat your property with care and suggest the best ways to maintain a healthy lawn. Our commercial equipment helps us stay on schedule while reducing the stress on your yard. If you need to invigorate your lawn, contact our specialists.