Sprinkler Installation in Orange County

Maintaining a healthy lawn can be tedious and time-consuming. But there’s no denying that attractive landscaping is one of the best ways to boost your property’s appeal. Customers are drawn to beautiful, healthy lawns that show you take pride in your work.

Once upon a time, a lush, vibrant lawn meant standing in front of your property with a hose. But with Sorrells Landscape’s automatic sprinkler systems, you can water your lawn with the touch of a button. Our wide range of sprinkler systems offer a phenomenal return on investment for your Orange County property.

Garden Irrigation Systems Designed with You in Mind

Our sprinkler system technicians believe that a quality installation begins with attentive planning. When it comes to landscaping and lawn irrigation, detailed drawings are crucial. With so many pipes, wires and mechanisms involved, it’s important that both you and our contractors know where all the parts are. Through precise planning and design, we help you conserve resources. We keep the water where it needs to be instead of on sidewalks and patios!

Sorrells Landscape’s comprehensive schematics don't just include zone divisions. They also include the locations of sprinkler heads, sensors, valve boxes, and other components. By providing you with these detailed plans, we make future sprinkler system repairs much easier.

Bringing You the Latest in Lawn Sprinkler Systems

Our smart controllers allow you to set schedules that consider Orange County’s actual weather. Connect to the Internet and let the system regulate itself in real-time based on rainfall and humidity. Adjust your sprinkler system from the comfort of your home using your smartphone—it's that simple.

Water Sprinkler Systems That Put Precision First

Consistent, even watering, is difficult to achieve with a hose. Overwatering creates a perfect climate for mildew. It also promotes grass growth, meaning more time spent mowing the lawn. Underwatering dries out your soil and turns your grass yellow and brittle. An effective underground sprinkler system makes sure the job is done right every time.

By making sure your lawn receives all the water it needs—not a drop less or more—you get a lush yard without the hassle of standing outside with a hose. The sprinkler system cost is easily offset by the savings in time and water usage.

Your Dream Lawn Is Just a Sprinkler System Away

When guests or customers approach your property, one of the first things they notice is the landscaping. The easiest way to guarantee your lawn makes a good impression is by making sure it’s green and healthy. A quality automatic sprinkler system does just that!

Our no-obligation consultations remove the pressure from making a big decision for your lawn. We’ll introduce you to our wide range of sprinkler system materials, which include rotor heads, spray heads, and driplines. Together, we’ll balance efficiency and affordability to give you the lawn you’ve always dreamed of. When we provide you with the estimated cost to install a sprinkler system, we include all the materials, as well as the labor costs. This way, there are no surprises once we get started.