Tree Removal in Orange County

Trees are a beautiful addition to any Orange County property. Not only do they increase property value, they also provide privacy and shade. But harsh weather events, disease and insect damage can cause irreparable damage to your trees. What once were sturdy, lively focal points on your landscape can quickly become a blemish on your property. Dead or dying trees also attract pests and can endanger the health of nearby plants. Protect your property by hiring Sorrells Landscape’s tree and stump removal experts.

Tree Removal

If you need to remove a tree from your commercial property, it’s important to put safety first. Tree removal can be dangerous and can cause injuries and property damage. Electric shock is another risk for trees close to electrical wires.

Tree removal requires the use of proper tree cutting equipment. Equipment doesn’t just mean a state-of-the art chainsaw. It also includes protective gear to cover one’s head, eyes and hands. Ropes, ladders and other climbing gear must be in excellent condition. For immense trees, you’ll also need a cherry-picker or other way of reaching the tree crown.

For these reasons, it’s always best to hire a professional tree removal service. We’ll asses your property to determine the best way to remove your tree. If your tree is located close to your building or walkway, we’ll carefully establish a felling zone away from your structure. If the tree is rotten, the felling process requires extra care as the trunk may not be stable.

Stump Removal

Unless you plan to integrate the tree stump as a landscaping feature, we always recommend removing it. Stump removal prevents insect and animal infestations and reduces tree disease to spread. Stumps also impede future patio construction or tree planting in the same area. We offer three stump removal methods:

Stump Grinding

Our most common removal method is to grind the stump down until the surface is below ground level. We begin the process by removing rocks and debris around the stump. Using a commercial-grade grinder, we turn the stumps into chips that we then clean up from your property.

This method is not ideal if you want to plant a new tree in the same area right away, since it doesn't remove the roots. Instead, our arborists cut the roots with sheers and cover them with soil.

Chemical Stump Removal

If you want to remove the entire stump, including the roots, we can use a chemical solution to soften the wood. This method is more time consuming, taking up to two weeks for large trees. In that time, it's imperative you keep people away from the area.

Once the wood softens, we'll dig out the stump, leaving your ground clear for future landscaping. Add a new tree in the area to restore the look of your Yorba Linda property.

Quality Tree Removal Services in Yorba Linda

When it comes to tree and stump removal, don’t risk a DIY disaster. Put your trees in the hands of Sorrells Landscape’s tree service experts.