Xeriscaping in Orange County

When most business owners think of breathtaking landscape design, they think of lush green lawns. Or maybe they think of flowering shrubbery and colorful blossoms. But there’s a new sustainable landscape design trend that’s catching on in Orange County: xeriscaping.

If you own a commercial property and want a low-maintenance, eco-friendly landscape, xeriscaping might be right for you. Enjoy an attractive landscape while conserving precious resources.

What Is Lawn Xeriscape Landscaping?

The term xeriscaping finds its roots in the Greek name “xeros,” meaning dry. This might call to mind the image of a barren desert landscape dotted with cacti. But xeriscape landscaping works for any environment. It might have begun as drought tolerant landscaping but in the years since, it has become a popular choice among business owners. It's perfect anywhere where water conservation is important. And, really, where is water conservation not important these days?

Xeriscape landscaping is founded on seven guiding principles: The first is proper planning. Second, designers help you choose the right plants for your Orange County property. After these two steps comes smart use of space, soil improvement, and effective irrigation. The last two principles are mulching and maintenance. These seven principles produce a sustainable landscape design.

What Are the Benefits of Xeriscaping Designs?

Xeriscape landscaping is rising in popularity in Orange County. This is due to its economic, environmental and aesthetic benefits. The most significant benefit is, of course, reduced water usage. Drought-tolerant plants consume much less water than other plants. This not only conserves resources but also lowers the amount of money business owners spend on utilities.

Xeriscaping designs also rely on plants native to Orange County. These are more likely to thrive without constant maintenance because they belong in the area. They’re better able to resist disease and insect infestations too. This reduces expensive pest and weed control treatment costs.

Sustainable landscape design doesn’t mean sacrificing curb appeal. In fact, because drought-tolerant plants resist extreme weather changes better than others, your landscape will look great year-round. It will thrive no matter the temperature!

What Can I Expect When it Comes to Xeriscaping Costs?

The factors that influence xeriscaping costs don't differ from other landscaping costs. As always, the size of your property and the plants you choose for it will have an impact on the price.

Drought-tolerant landscaping costs are greater upfront than traditional landscaping costs. But they offer significant long-term savings. The annual savings you’ll enjoy are more than just financial. Xeriscape plants are low-maintenance, so they need less attention and use fewer resources. Xeriscape landscaping is an investment in your property and in the planet.

Why Choose Sorrells Landscape for My Drought-Tolerant Landscape Design?

Sorrells Landscape is proud to lead sustainable landscape designs in Orange County. When you sit down with our experts, we'll take some time to learn about your company. Together, we'll craft a beautiful design that will help your property stand out. Not only will it look good, it'll also save you money, time and resources. Contact us today to learn more about why xeriscape landscaping is the right choice for your business.