Commercial Garden Design in Yorba Linda

Commercial gardens are more than just a collection of plants and pavers. They’re a way for business owners to express their values and tell the story of their Yorba Linda property. Successful landscape design follows the guiding principles of garden planning to create a cohesive, functional greenspace. Sorrells Landscape’s local landscapers apply the following principles to give you a beautiful, functional garden.

Garden Architecture and the Law of Significant Enclosure

Retaining walls and privacy hedges are an effective way to define the space of your garden. When enclosing a garden, it’s important to balance definition with comfort. The law of significant enclosure dictates that a 3:1 ratio of horizontal space to wall height is ideal. Anything higher than that and guests begin to feel claustrophobic. Any lower and the space won’t feel like a contained area. Sorrells Landscape follows this ratio in our garden architecture to create a space that’s both protected and enjoyable.

The Golden Ratio and Landscape Design

If you’ve ever done research on the principles of art and architecture, you’ve probably heard about the golden ratio. Leonardo Da Vinci famously referred to the golden ratio as “divine proportion”. It’s achieved when the ratio of the short side to the long side of a shape is equal to the ratio of the long side to the sum of both sides. While this all seems very technical and mathematical, you don’t need to take out a ruler to notice and appreciate the golden ratio. In fact, we engage with the golden ratio almost every day. It can be found in everything from the shape of flower petals to human proportions!

Incorporating the golden ratio in landscape design adds balance and unity to your garden. It gives your space natural elegance and a pleasing appearance. But don’t just take our word for it! Browse our exceptional garden design portfolio and see how we combine math with greenery for beautiful results.

Garden Planners Follow the Regulating Line

Regulating lines are a staple of garden architecture. They’re imaginary lines that help a garden planner see where each element of a garden should go. By visualizing the relationship between plants and features, we create a unified landscape. By choosing a landscape design company for your property, you don't just get creativity—you also get technical expertise.

Front Yard and Backyard Designs Make Effective Use of Space

Strategic landscape designs can make your commercial property look bigger than it is. High-impact design can trick the eye into seeing depth. This is achieved by the clever use of angles, walkways and retaining walls. Using plants of different sizes also adds texture and dimension to your space.

Sorrells Landscape’s landscape designers follow these as well as other principles to create incredible gardens. Customers will enjoy the beauty, comfort, and natural look of your commercial’s outdoor design. We’re confident that we can create a unified landscape that will boost the value of your Yorba Linda property. To meet with a member of our team, contact us today!