Commercial Landscape Construction in Yorba Linda

Sorrells Landscape excels at completing landscape construction projects on time and on budget. We do everything from restaurant patio makeovers to transforming the gardens in your office buildings. No matter the project, we’re committed to quality landscape construction. With an array of high-grade materials, and a team of dedicated landscape contractors, we deliver solutions no one else can. If you want superior landscape construction services in Yorba Linda, choose Sorrells Landscape’s craftsmanship. Enjoy an outstanding landscape that’s built to last.

Building Dreams One Landscape at a Time

We have an impressive record of success bringing a vast range of landscaping visions to life. Each installation is undertaken by a team of licensed, insured and reliable landscape contractors. Think about what you want your landscape to say about your business—or browse our portfolio for inspiration!

Contemporary Landscaping for Cutting-Edge Corporate Properties

Elevate your office with a private terrace for your employees and clients to enjoy. Give your busy employees a breath of fresh air to improve their mood. It can also double as a sophisticated space for client meetings! An outdoor kitchen and bar offer your space a range of uses, no matter the hour of the day. Elegant natural stone and sleek metallic accents bring class to a functional contemporary garden. Our landscape contractors can improve the look and function of your space.

Cozy Landscape Construction to Boost Client Retention

Some commercial properties in Yorba Linda don’t have much square footage to work with. But it’s important to make the most of what you have. Vertical gardens can add a surprising amount of greenery to an outdoor area. And adjustable pergolas built from aromatic cedar add to the intimacy of your outdoor patio.

Rustic Landscape Construction for Eternal Comfort

Sleek and shiny designs are nice, but there’s something attractive about a rustic landscape. Think outdoor fire pits, stonework and retaining walls. On top of their ageless beauty, these features need very little maintenance. Once our landscape contractors finish the installation, our work is there to last.

Zen Garden Landscaping Services

You work hard and so do your employees. Why not add a beautiful, functional garden to your outdoor space? Flowing streams, lush greenery and comfortable outdoor seating brings peace to your property. Our landscape contractors can install winding paths to turn your space into a meditative retreat.

Quality Materials for Outstanding Durability

No matter how skilled the landscape contractor is, landscapes are only as good as their foundations. Our local landscaping company understands the value of choosing quality materials. Low-grade pavers will chip, crack and fade more easily than high-quality products. Outdoor features are exposed to Yorba Linda’s weather all year long. This means you need products that last. We choose quality products to guarantee our work.

Choose Superior Craftsmanship for Your Commercial Landscape Construction

If you want breathtaking results, trust Sorrells Landscape’s landscaping services. We take pride in our long history of excellence. Contact us to schedule your free consultation. Make the most of your space today.