Hydroseeding in Yorba Linda

Imagine beautiful, healthy fields of grass as far as the eye can see. Maybe you see a lush hillside covered in wildflowers native to Yorba Linda. Or budding greenery sprawling over a once-barren or damaged landscape. Seeing so much thriving greenery is bound to improve your day. Think about how a lush lawn can improve customers’ impressions of your business!

If you want an efficient lawn creation with guaranteed results, choose hydroseeding. Hydroseeding is the process by which professionals spray your property with a mixture of grass seed, mulch and water. Depending on the exact needs of your landscape, we sometimes include other additives, such as dyes and tacking agents. The hydroseeding mulch bonds to your existing soil and protects the grass seed against erosion. The result is a strong, quick-growing grass that evenly covers your property.

Why Choose Hydroseeding?

If you need a new lawn for your commercial property, you will want cost-effective results. You also want something that doesn't need constant maintenance. After all, you have a business to run. Planting grass seed and sodding your property are both popular choices, but they have their drawbacks. Here’s why Sorrells Landscape prefers hydroseeding over any other type of grass installation:

The Advantages of Hydroseeding Over Broadcast Seeding

Broadcast seeding is a time-consuming process, and you’re not likely to see results for over a month. You're also limited to two planting windows: one in late spring, the other in early fall.

Thanks to the hydroseeding mulch, you get faster, more reliable germination. The mulch retains moisture and releases nutrients to promote healthy grass growth. It also helps the grass seed stay in place. If your land is susceptible to erosion, you might find it hard to dry seed. But, with hydroseeding, you can have beautiful grass anywhere.

The Advantages of Hydroseeding Over Sodding

Hydroseeding prices are a fraction of sod prices. That alone is bound to make hydroseeding the most appealing option. The average cost of hydroseeding a lawn can sometimes be less than half of what it costs to sod a lawn of equal size.

Because sod is transplanted onto your property, it doesn't always take. This means you'll have to pay extra for replacement. Hydro grass grows directly on your property, allowing it to root better and faster. Hydroseeding mulch also retains more water, so you pay less in watering costs to grow a beautiful lawn.

The only case in which you might choose sod over hydro grass is if you need an instant lawn. Even so, adding green dye to the hydroseeding solution can be a great way to get a green look until the grass grows in!

Professional Hydroseeding Contractors in Yorba Linda

If you’re looking for a beautiful, healthy lawn, choose Sorrells Landscape’s exceptional hydroseeding services. The list of industries that benefit from hydroseeding is almost endless; for example new housing or highway developments, utility construction areas, and sports fields are just some of the ideal locations. If your soil experiences year-round erosion, hydro grass can help prevent further damage. Contact Sorrells Landscape’s experts today to get started!