Lawn Dethatching in Yorba Linda

One of the reasons so many companies in Yorba Linda turn to Sorrells Landscape for lawn care services is because they trust us not to cut corners. Quality lawn maintenance requires more than mowing and watering the grass, which is why we offer full service lawn care packages—and one of the essential services we offer is lawn dethatching.

Like aeration, lawn dethatching is one of the best practices in lawn care. Lawn dethatching helps improve soil quality and refreshes the look of your grass.

The Science Behind Lawn Dethatching

There are three layers to your lawn. Most property owners are familiar with two of them: The green blades of grass visible above the ground and the deep roots extending into the soil. But between these two is a layer of thatch—an accumulation of living and dead grass stems and roots. Thatch is a natural element of a lawn, and a thin layer helps your soil retain moisture and resist wear and tear.

Unfortunately, problems arise when the layer of thatch exceeds half an inch in thickness. At this point, thatch begins to have the opposite effect. It prevents sunshine, air, water and nutrients from reaching the roots of your grass. Too much thatch makes for an inhospitable environment for turf, and a breeding ground for insects and lawn disease. You’ll know when there’s too much thatch because the turf will feel spongy when you walk on it.

That’s where dethatching services come in. Dethatching is a restorative service that uses a commercial grade power rake to cut through the thatch. The process is best performed on lawns that are moist but not wet. Our landscaping professionals will operate the machine in rows throughout your property as though we’re mowing. The blades on the lawn thatcher break up the layer of thatch and bring it to the surface so we can then clean it up.

What We Do After the Dethatching Service

As you might have guessed, lawn dethatching is stressful for your yard. In the process of ripping out the thatch, the blades also tear out a lot of healthy grass. A reputable landscaping company will always be honest with you on this point: your lawn will look terrible immediately after a dethatching service.

To help restore your Yorba Linda lawn after a dethatching service, we pair it with over seeding and topdressing. These processes promote new grass growth to replace what the lawn thatcher removed.

While this process might seem counterintuitive—cutting out the turf only to replace it once more—dethatching a lawn improves its health. With a lot of thatch, your grass will eventually die. Dethatching and over seeding will revitalize your lawn and prevent you from having to start from scratch.

Choose Sorrells Landscape for Lawn Dethatching

The good news is that you only need to dethatch your lawn every second year. If you aerate annually and care for your lawn, the dethatching process stays simple. To keep your grass healthy and beautiful, choose Sorrells Landscape’s landscaping experts.