Patio Construction in Yorba Linda

As a business owner, you’re responsible for maintaining an attractive property that entices customers. It’s hard work, but the rewards pay off. Customers love a lush green lawn and beautiful trees. They also love a comfortable outside area where they can enjoy a coffee or just sit and relax. That’s why a quality patio can have a huge impact on client retention. If you own a restaurant, hotel, retail space or housing development, a patio might be exactly what you need to make your property more inviting.

The Advantages of a Commercial Patio

Curb appeal is one of the best ways to welcome customers to your establishment. No matter your industry, a beautiful patio will attract business. Designed by the patio contractors at Sorrells Landscape, your patio will communicate energy and success to potential clients. Your employees will also enjoy the opportunity to get some fresh air. A quality patio improves all around satisfaction and helps you make the most of your property.

Patio Construction Cost Yorba Linda

Sorrells Landscape’s detailed estimates help take the mystery out of patio costs. When preparing your estimate, we take the following into consideration:

Patio Pavers, Natural Stone, and Concrete Patio Costs

The materials you select have the most substantial impact on patio costs. Cement and concrete patio costs are typically the lowest per square foot. Natural stone is the most expensive. Using local materials lowers the price by cutting down on shipping costs. Choosing local patio pavers or stones also promotes a healthy local economy and a healthy planet. That’s a win for everyone.

Patio Labor Costs

The other crucial factor to consider is labor costs. The more intricate the design, the longer it will take, and the more expensive the patio will be. Stamped concrete will be more expensive than poured cement. That’s because it requires precision and skill to guarantee an authentic design. Similarly, patio pavers that are carefully aligned into beautiful and complex patterns will drive up the price. Keep in mind, however, that a flawless design can be worth every penny if it helps increase your revenue.

Environmental Conditions

A patio is only as strong as its foundation. Installed over week soil with poor drainage, your patio won’t last very long, and that’s no way to preserve your investment. Sorrells Landscape’s experts are careful to prepare the subgrade before any installation process. Be suspicious of patio installation companies that don’t include preparation in their estimates. A skilled and experienced patio contractor should know how to protect your investment against Yorba Linda’s weather, such as freezing and thawing. Doing so is dependent upon on adequate soil preparation.

Serving Yorba Linda’s Businesses with Pride

Our patio contractors stand by their craftsmanship. We value our clients’ business and deliver flawless results every time. No matter your desired aesthetic, we’re confident in our ability to exceed your goals and stay within your budget. Contact us today for your free detailed estimate. We’ll transform your landscape into something remarkable.