Tree Removal in Yorba Linda

Although trees can add value to a commercial property, they can also become a liability. If trees are damaged, diseased, or impeding your company’s expansion, you might need to invest in a tree removal service. Sorrells Landscape’s professional arborists work with you to remove trees from your property while putting safety first. If you’re looking for quality tree removal services in %MARKETCITY%, schedule a consultation today.

Our Tree Removal Services

Sorrells Landscape's arborists bring attention and care to tree removal services. From the initial assessment to new tree planting and to the cleanup, we have your business' interest at heart.

Arborist Reports and Permit Acquisition

Our experts provide a complete arborist report for your permit application. Our detailed reports help speed up the permit acquisition process. This way, we can get to work removing diseased or unwanted trees from your property.

Tree Removal and Deadwood Removal

With the latest tree cutting equipment, we rid your landscape of hazardous trees. We have skilled climbers with years of experience who can safely cut down your trees. Our contractors are also licenced and insured to operate cherry-pickers for the tallest trees. While we work to minimize damage and disruption we also take care to protect your building and landscaping.

We also remove deadwood to prevent injuries from fallen branches. As your trees grow, it’s likely you’ll find dead branches, especially in the crown of the tree. If not removed right away, they can inhibit healthy tree growth and can fall at unexpected times. We’ll remove these dangerous branches efficiently to protect your guests and employees.

Stump Removal and Cleanup

Once we’ve removed the tree, there’s still the matter of the stump. Not only are stumps an eyesore on your property, they can also attract rot and fungus. Using quality equipment, we grind the stump as deep as you need. One option is to grind the stump down up to 12 inches below ground level to allow you to plant new lawn over where your tree used to be. If you want to plant a new tree in the same spot, well grind the entire stump and the roots. The second option is more disruptive.

Tree Replanting Service

In many cases, business owners only remove trees from their property because it is either damaged or dangerous. Tree removal might leave a gap in your landscaping that you hadn't planned for. In that case, Sorrells Landscape invites you to make use of our tree planting services. From saplings to mature trees, we’ll help you find a replacement for the tree we had to remove. By choosing trees designed to thrive in Yorba Linda's weather conditions, you'll add value to your property.

Save on Tree Removal Costs by Hiring a Professional

Our experts have the best tools and techniques to remove trees from your property. Protect your investment and avoid putting anyone's safety at risk. Our arborists are licenced and insured. We work efficiently, so you have one less thing to worry about. Contact us to get started with a free assessment.