Xeriscaping in Yorba Linda

For business owners seeking to lower their environmental impact, xeriscaping is an ideal solution. Xeriscape landscaping is a form of strategic landscape design. It originally began in harsh climates as a form of drought tolerant landscaping but has since grown in popularity in Yorba Linda. Business owners are turning to xeriscaping designs to get sustainable curb appeal.

Sorrells Landscape offers quality xeriscaping designs for commercial properties. We can help you save up to 75% of landscaping water use. Drought tolerant plants also need less maintenance, so you save time and money on lawn and landscape care.

We follow the seven guiding principles of xeriscaping to build your sustainable landscape:

1. Design and Plan Carefully

The key to xeriscape landscaping is forward-thinking design. Sorrells Landscape's experts consider your company's needs and develop a design to help you get the most out of your exterior space. We balance aesthetics, water usage, maintenance needs and xeriscape costs to give you the perfect design.

2. Improve Soil Conditions

Quality soil conditions lead to better plant growth. Aeration and fertilization are key to keeping your soil nutrient rich.

3. Limit the Amount of Turf

Commercial lawns are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to water waste. One of the reasons xeriscape costs are so competitive is because it limits how much turf you have. While a bit of lawn can help make your space feel open and inviting, too much isn't sustainable. When considering new turf, we'll help you choose grass native to Yorba Linda.

4. Choose the Right Xeriscape Plants

Two things go into choosing the right xeriscape plants: The first is choosing plants native to Yorba Linda, these can thrive more easily in all our weather conditions.

The second is to choose drought tolerant plants. These consume less water, making for sustainable landscape design. If you do choose plants that have higher water needs, it's best to plant them away from the drought tolerant plants. This makes irrigating your property a lot easier.

5. Mulch

Covering the soil with mulch helps it retain moisture and results in less frequent watering. Mulching also prevents soil erosion and weed growth. Over time, organic mulch returns nutrients to the soil to boost your plants' health.

6. Irrigate Your Landscape

Drought tolerant plants use less water than other plants, but they still need water. An efficient irrigation system gives them all the water they need and not a drop more. Drip-irrigation systems are ideal, since they deliver water closer to the roots. This means you don't lose water to evaporation and you don't risk over-watering.

7. Follow Proper Xeriscape Landscaping Maintenance

Low-maintenance doesn't mean no maintenance. Replacing mulch, fertilizing, pruning and irrigation system repairs are all necessary. Sorrells Landscape will develop an exceptional landscape care plan to keep your xeriscape plants looking great!

If you’re looking for outstanding sustainable landscape design, choose Sorrells Landscape. We’re confident we’ll exceed your goals. Contact us today to learn more about our xeriscaping landscape designs!