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Sorrells Landscape Inc.’s Lawn Dethatching

Maintaining good soil conditions is key to healthy turf. There are many ways to prevent thatch buildup and ensure the roots of your plants get enough water and nutrients. Aeration, power raking and lawn dethatching are just some of the ways to do so. Each have their time and place, depending on the needs of your yard.

Professional landscaping companies like Sorrells Landscape Inc. can help you find the process that’s right for your turf. We begin with an assessment of your soil conditions and go from there. But Sorrells Landscape Inc.’s experts don’t believe in just telling you what’s right without explaining why. Trust is the foundation of customer service, and open communication is the foundation of trust. That’s why we’ve put together some information on these processes.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is a process by which we remove small cores of grass, thatch, and soil from your yard. This process reduces soil compaction, which occurs due to foot traffic, summer weather and even gravity. Soil compaction prevents air, water and nutrients from reaching the roots of your turf. By removing finger-sized cores from your lawn, the soil can breathe again. The cores can then decompose where they lie, returning some of their nutrients to their soil. You should have a landscaping company aerate your lawn annually.

Sorrells Landscape Inc. Commercial Lawn Dethatching

Power Raking

Power raking is an aggressive method of removing the thatch from a yard. If you mulch your lawn often and haven’t been dethatching, you’ll likely need a thorough power raking to remove thatch buildup. A member of our landscaping crew will operate a mechanical lawn thatcher with cutting knives to dig the thatch from the yard. Another crew member will then follow with a mower to pick up the thatch.

Unfortunately, power raking also tears up most of your healthy lawn. Sorrells Landscape Inc. doesn’t recommend power raking unless there’s a serious problem with your lawn, since you’ll most likely have to replant the whole thing. Investing in regular lawn maintenance is the best way to avoid the need for power raking.

Lawn Dethatching

Lawn dethatching is a middle-ground landscaping service to remove lawn thatch without tearing out the whole lawn. A moderate amount of thatch helps keep in moisture and protects your soil against temperature changes—too much thatch however, suffocates your grass.

Dethatching uses the same machine as power raking but uses the lowest setting for the knives. This minimizes the amount of healthy grass that the machine will tear out. A proper dethatching service will remove some healthy grass. Combining dethatching with over seeding is a great way to restore the look of your lawn without replanting the entire thing. Sorrells Landscape Inc. recommends dethatching every two years. Doing so prevents an expensive power raking process from becoming a necessity.

Choose a Landscaping Company That Cares

Sorrells Landscape Inc. is committed to providing honest lawn care that puts your property’s needs above our bottom line. For trusted lawn care services near you, choose landscapers who will empower you to make the best choices for your lawn.